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Good vs. Evil

Right vs. Wrong

Is there a difference?

If I were a Muslim extremist, it would be ‘good’ to die as a martyr killing infidels. If I were a Christian missionary, dying in the service of my brother would be ‘good.’

I’m here to tell you, life is weird. Maybe that’s why so many of us enjoy it. And so many others hate it.

I just watched ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’ Do you realize it’s almost 40 years old? Do you also realize that there’s no chance in you-know-where that it could be produced today? Charles Schultz had the temerity to write a moral story about Christmas! The nerve! I applaud ABC for airing it. I also understand that there’s the profit incentive at work. But they could have chosen not to. Good work.

Bill O’Reilly is on a crusade against the secularists, trying to bring some sanity back into our lives. I agree. It’s OK to believe in something. And for those of us that believe in Christianity, it’s also OK for those secularists to believe in nothing. Our job is not to condemn, but to be that shining light on the hill that let’s them know that what we believe will make things better.

Tolerance does not mean acceptance. Please don’t forget that.

I’m going to recommend a book that you may or may not like. Like the book on Middle East history from the last rant, it will be a tough read. It’s textbook-like. But I truly feel that it’s important to expand your mind. It’s one of the few ways to strengthen your beliefs.

Free Will from the Oxford University Press presents various essays examining the subject. Please take the time to read and ponder. You’ll be better for it.

Now it’s time for a mea culpa. As many of you caught, the Constitution does not state, “all men are created equal.” It’s the Declaration of Independence. I really hate being wrong, but I truly enjoy having it pointed out to me. As one of my wise readers stated, “Being wrong is a bad thing. Recognizing your mistakes and taking ‘corrective action’ is a good thing. It is the way most of us learn.”

Finally, I apologize for the choppiness of this rant. The holidays are regrettably a stressful time and my thoughts are a tad scattered. It all boils down to this: Do what is right. It’s important.

It's time we take back our country. I've asked before, but I'm asking again. Write your Senator and Congressman.


Expand your mind.

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